Thursday, 27 August 2015

Success in this project will look like…

Exploring the alternatives

- I have carried out thorough research in response to what I found out about the Current Situation asking questions like:
·      How else could it be?
·      What have others done?
·      What are the possible actions we could take?
·      What are our priorities for change?

-I have referred back to my work on the Current Situation from last week and used my new findings about the alternatives to make clear what I believe are the best possible actions and priorities for change.

-My findings are presented appropriately, tidily and creatively, written in my own words (you might add to your presentation from the Current Situation or you might begin a new presentation).

-I have continued to keep a Bibliography, listing all the places I’ve found my information and the names of the writers.

-I am ready to plan and begin my 'Action' next week.

Homework Term Three Week Seven (Aug 31 – Sept 4)

Task One: Spelling

Main task: Research project
·       This week, as discussed in class, we are working on the second section of our environmental research project, ‘Exploring the Alternatives’.
·       Follow the ‘Success in this project will look like’ sheet that you’ve been given in order to achieve exactly what you need to.
·       Use school time and home time wisely.
·       By next week we should be ready to ‘Take Action’ as a result of our research.

Dates and notices:
-Science with Mr Hogue this Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon.
-Swimming this Tuesday 130pm.
-Technology at the Terrace this Friday.
-NOTE: Gardeners and builders is on THURSDAY afternoon this week, please let parent helpers know.

Well done most of you on excellent research and organizational skills last week. Let’s keep it up as we explore the alternatives.
Mr Yeoman

Scrap metal fundraiser

Message from Marty Rendall:

In the church carpark there is a skip for scrap metal. This is the last weekend it will be present. Please place any scrap metal you want to be rid of into the skip. All money from this will go towards supporting school resourcing.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Notices for tomorrow: Thursday August 27th

Hi everyone, below are some notices to remind you of things happening tomorrow at school. We weren't all together this afternoon so not all of you were reminded.

1. Inquiry Surveys: You all took home surveys tonight to help with some people's Inquiry projects. Please take the time to fill these out with your parents tonight and bring them back to school tomorrow. This will be a huge help for your classmates in their projects.

2. Mufti Day: Tomorrow (Thursday) is a mufti day, raising money for animal welfare groups. A great cause and a way we can help make change and act on our inquiry for this term. Please bring a gold coin donation.

3. Cup cakes: For those who have offered to bake please bring your cupcakes tomorrow for the stall. Bring along an extra gold coin if you want to buy a cup cake. Money from this is also going to animal welfare charities.

Well done all of you who have been well organised and motivated with your inquiries and with the organising of mufti day and cup cake sale! Thankyou! Great work!

Mr Yeoman

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Success in this project will look like…

Just so that everyone is clear on what is expected...

Current Situation

-My Focus Questions are clearly developed and my planning sheet is completed.
-A survey, audit, experiment, interview, observations or questionnaire has taken place to help me understand the ‘Current Situation’.
-My research is completed and summarized in my own words.
-My findings are presented appropriately. For example a poster, powerpoint, film, graphs, speech, presentation or report.
-In my findings I have made it clear why the current situation needs improving.
-I will have talked to or emailed a specialist person to seek help or get information.

-I will have used a school journal, a library book and the internet to get information on my topic and I will have kept record of all the sources I used in my Bibliography.

Homework Term Three Week Six (Aug 24-28)

Task One: Spelling

Main task: Research project
·       This week, as discussed in class, we are working on the first section of our environmental research project.
·       By Friday you will be expected to have completed your research and findings of the ‘Current Situation’ for the environmental topic you have chosen.
·       I will be collecting this first part of your project so please take responsibility and make sure you are on track.
·       Follow your plan closely.
·       Keep checking that you have completed all the requirements that we have discussed, as shown in your sheet ‘Success in this project will look like…’
·       Use school time and home time wisely.

Dates and notices:
-C.O. Cross Country Tues 25th  Aug
-Science outreach Wed 26th   Aug
-School Mass Sun 30th Aug

Let’s make a great job of our projects!

Mr Yeoman

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Homework Term Three Week Five (Aug 17-21)

Task One: Spelling

Task Two: Current Events

If you are on Current Events any time this week (see the timetable on the board in Rm6) you need to find current events news that is related in some way to our environmental topic.

Task Three: Maths

-As usual if you didn’t complete the multiplication grid in maths time on Monday you need to choose the times tables that are slowing you down and complete a grid every night of the week focusing on those.
-Please make sure your Geometry Triangles task is completed and handed in by Friday. You will have two class sessions to work on this, after this time it is homework.

Task Four: Reading

Please read for at least 20minutes each night. Bring your book to school daily.

Dates and notices:
-Swimming this Thurs Aug 20th
-Technology this Fri Aug 21st

Enjoy all the interesting learning we’re doing!
Mr Yeoman