Sunday, 10 December 2017

Year 8 Leavers BBQ tonight - contingency plan if raining

Unfortunately the weather forecast for tonight is looking a bit rainy. At this stage we will still try for the original plan of  a swim and BBQ at the Manorburn. The Breens have kindly offered their place  (Lower Manorburn  Road, RD 3, Rapid 141) as a back up venue if the rain sets in. Keep an eye on your phones and the school Facebook page for updates on any late changes. Thanks!

Plans for this week - a few reminders

Hi everyone

Here are the happenings for this coming week. Exciting times and there's lots happening so please make sure you're well organised. Enjoy this fantastic fun time of year!

Mon 11th Dec                          Small group locally river monitoring with Mr Hogue

Tues 12th Dec                            Life Education Harold Sessions Number 1 & 2 – Resilience
                                                     Shared lunch and Secret Santa and Mr Yeoman’s Rm 6 farewells
                                                    Room 6 poetry must be shared with Mr Yeoman before lunch Tuesday!
                                                     Mr Yeoman’s final day – Anna having a baby on Thurs 14th in Dunedin!

Wed 13th Dec                            Mrs Eastwood in Room 6
                                                    Life Education Harold Sessions Number 3 & 4 – Resilience
                                                   Room 6 students running obstacle course for Rms 1, 2 & 7 in afternoon

Thurs 14th Dec                          Mrs Annan in Rm 6 for the morning
                                                    Final jewellery making session with Mrs Chamberlain
                                                    Prizegiving practice in afternoon - full dress rehearsal, please bring costume.
     6pm Graduation Mass

Fri 15th Dec                                9am Wonder Movie. Meet at Central Cinema before 9am.
                                                      Family picnic lunch at school

                                                      1pm prizegiving

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Room 6 Shared lunch, secret santa, and river swim

Hi everyone. Next Tuesday Dec 12th Room 6 will be having a shared lunch and secret santa to celebrate the end of the school year. Secret Santa gifts have been discussed and should be between $5 and $10. Please bring something to share for lunch.
We would also love to take a trip to the Manuherikia River (at the Shaky Bridge). We will be at the river aprox 2-3pm. For required safety ratios to be met for swimming we need extra adults to be present. If you can help with this please contact Mr Yeoman asap either by email or 027 277 8466

Kia ora!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Year 8 Leavers Function - Monday 11th December

Hi all,
The end of the year is drawing near, so I have (in conjunction with Ollie) come up with a bit of a format for the year 8’s function.
The children have decided they would like to follow the last few years format and have an informal BBQ and swim at the Manorburn Dam
I have tried to take into account as many sporting practices etc as possible when finding a day, so I apologise if this doesn’t suit everyone.
Date: Monday 11th December
Time: 5.30-6pm onwards, for a few hours
Venue: The lower Manorburn Dam
What to bring:  BBQ tea.  Bring enough meat/food for your own family needs (I thought this made it simple at this late stage)
Also could anyone let me know if they have a bbq or two they are prepared to bring to the Manorburn.
All family members are welcome, as are any kayaks etc. As everyone will understand this is not a school arranged event, therefore safety precautions are the responsibility of parents/caregivers present.
If anyone has an idea or alternative venue they think would be a good back up in case of bad weather please let me know.

Many thanks
Shannon Tait

027 421 2225

Homework & Dates & Dates Term Four Week Eight

Given that we’re rapidly heading towards the end of the year and the days are getting hot, there will be no homework for this coming week. You do however still have to keep a few things in mind:

One – Complete your Must Dos by Friday.

Two – Have your Eisteddfod song ready to present in class on Monday and Tuesday this coming week.

Three – Continue to enjoy reading your book and make sure you’ve at least reached the page you told me you would get to…or read further!

Notices & Dates for the next two weeks

Mon 4th Dec                              Inquiry presentations from Nia, Owen, Olly and Tim
                                                      Eisteddfod singing in class
                                                      Kapa Haka with Mrs Tamati
                                                      Pubertal Change session 4

Tues 5th Dec                              Eisteddfod singing in class
Pubertal Change session 5

Wed 6th Dec                              School mass, everyone is welcome to join us.                  

Thurs 7th Dec                             1:30pm Eisteddfod singing assembly for whole school

Fri 8th Dec                                   9am Sticks ‘n’ Stones with Vanessa                   

Tues 12th Dec                            Life Education Harold Sessions Number 1 & 2 – Resilience
                                                      Shared lunch and Secret Santa and Mr Yeoman’s Rm 6 farewells
                                                      Mr Yeoman’s final day – Anna having a baby on Thurs 14th in Dunedin!

Wed 13th Dec                            Life Education Harold Sessions Number 3 & 4 – Resilience

Thurs 14th Dec                          Prizegiving practice
6pm Graduation Mass

Fri 15th Dec                                9am Wonder Movie. Meet at Central Cinema
                                                      Family picnic lunch at school
                                                      1pm prizegiving

Baby Due - Early departure!!
As you’ll see in the dates above, my family have been told that Anna will need to have a caesarian birth in Dunedin on Thursday Dec 14th, unless she goes into labor before then. That means that my final day at school for the year will be Tuesday 12th December. It’s a super exciting time for us, but I’ll be really sad to be missing the Year 8 graduation mass, the prize giving and the Wonder movie. I will be farewelling you on Tuesday 12th, more details to come about how we will do shared lunch and Secret Santa.
Year 8 Leavers event
I am yet to hear from anyone who is willing to help organize the Year 8 farewell night. If you can help organize this please let me know asap. I’d be stoked if it could happen before I leave but understand if this isn’t possible!

Enjoy this wonderful time of year! Ngā mihi nui. Mr Yeoman

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Year 8 Leavers Party - Parent organisers needed.

A note to all parents and caregivers. Over the past 3 years parents of Year 8 students have organised an end of year leaving party for Year 8 students and their families. Each year this has been done differently. One year parents organsied a BBQ & swim at the Manorburn, another year was a gathering at a local cafe, and last year they organised a quiz night and BBQ at school. Years 8s have met and discussed this and are most keen for a BBQ and evening out at the Manorburn. Students now need to discuss this with parents and then parents will need to confirm a plan, and a date for this event.
We will need parents to volunteer to organise this. If you are happy to help, alongside others, please make contact asap with Mr Yeoman. Thanks!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Library visit confirmation & Sticks 'n' Stones transport needed

-It is now confirmed we will have a library visit this Wed 29th Nov so please bring your books and library cards!

-We are still short of transport for the Sticks 'n' Stones Ambassadors day on Thursday. Please contact Mr Yeoman asap if you are able to help.
            phone/text: 027 277 8466


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Library Books Due

Hi everyone. It is coming up three weeks since we visited the public library, that means that library books are due. We will try to have a library visit on Wednesday so please ensure you have library cards and any books that need renewed or returned. This will be our last library visit for the year so if you issue new books you will need to ensure you return them yourselves at the beginning of the school holidays to avoid overdue fines.

Sticks 'n' Stones transport

Hi all. Can I please have confirmation by tomorrow if you are able to transport children to the Sticks 'n' Stones ambassadors day on Thursday at Matangi station. A reminder that we would be leaving school at 8:50am and driving 10-15minutes to Matangi station. Parents can then go away for the day, and return to pick up students at Matangi at 2:30pm. Thanks.

Pubertal Change this week

Some parents had indicated they would like to know a bit more specifically which sessions we have covered and which ones are coming up. Here's the go...

We'll have 2 more lessons for Pubertal Change this week.  Last week's girl sessions covered 1) Why puberty happens and 2) The female anatomy and periods.   The boys covered 1) Why puberty happens and 2) body odour, hair and the male reproductive system.
This coming week with Mrs Lyon the girls will look at feminine hygiene, they'll do a tour of the first aid room so that all girls are aware of the feminine hygiene we have and their whereabouts at school.  We aim to make the girls feel as comfortable as possible in case of a period happening at school - they'll be armed with some 'what to do when' knowledge!  We'll also cover period pain, emotions and keeping track of the menstrual cycle.

The boys will continue to look at the Male reproductive system, including looking at erections and wet dreams amongst other things. We'll also be learning about the female reproductive system and what kinds of things are happening for girls through puberty.  All sessions usually involve some questions and answer time too.

The children have specific boy and girl booklets which they fill in after watching a film about each topic.   At the conclusion of this we'll have 1-2 sessions with both the boys and the girls together so that the learning about boys/girls and puberty is crossed over and both sexes are aware of each other's changes.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Homework & Dates Term Four Week Seven

Task One: Eisteddfod Songs

We will discuss our Eisteddfod songs in class early this week so everyone is clear on what is required. In Room 6 we will perform our songs in class late next week on Thursday Dec 7th and Friday Dec 8th.

Task Two: Current Events

This week we follow the same routine for Current Events. Please check in on the timetable in Room 6 and be well organized and ready to share confidently with Room 6.

Task Three: Must Dos

This week we start another round of Must Do’s. We have plenty of exciting end of year activities coming up so make sure you’re well organized and keeping on top of your tasks. The last few weeks have been a good improvement as a class so let’s keep it up!

Task Four: Spelling testing

We have new words and activities for this week. We’re now onto list 15. I identified lots of spelling words in the writing work that I marked last week so please make sure you look at your marked writing work and put any words into your spelling list for this week.

Task Five: Inquiry Presentations

We have very nearly completed everyone’s Inquiry presentations. If you are one of the few people who have not yet presented then you will do so on either Mon, Tues, or Wed this week. We will discuss this in class and confirm your day.

Notices & Dates

Monday Nov 27th                                      Pubertal Change session number 3                     

Tuesday Nov 28th                                      Pubertal Change session number 4

Wednesday Nov 29th                               Jewellery making with Mrs Chamberlain in the afternoon

Thursday Nov 30th                                    Sticks ‘n’ Stones Ambassadors day @ Matangi station

Friday Dec 1st                                              Technology @ The Terrace

Have a super week!

 Mr Yeoman