Sunday, 23 June 2019

Notices and learning tasks for this coming week

Kia ora everyone. Welcome to Week 9 of the term. There is plenty of interesting things going on over the next couple of weeks. Please be well organised and enjoy all the opportunities!

Notices for this week:

Tues 25th June
-Ice skating & curling = Please meet at the rink 8.55am. Wear PE uniform plus warm thermals under and jackets/ski pants etc over top.

-Young Vinnies = Meeting at lunch time in Rm 2

-Sticks and Stones with Vanessa, 1.30pm

Wed 26th June
-Ukelele with Baz, as always bring a ukelele and a tuner if you have either, thanks!

-Eisteddfod poems in Rm 1, everyone must be ready to present on this day.

Thurs 27th June
-Ice skating & curling = Please meet at the rink 8.55am. Wear PE uniform plus warm thermals under and jackets/ski pants etc over top.

-1.30pm Predator Free NZ film making for a small group.

-Matariki art. Bring materials to decorate if you want to.

Fri 28th June
-7.30am Matariki breakfast
-1:55 pm Buddy reading, 2:20pm house sports.

Must Do Learning Tasks for Week 9 & 10

Please see the Must Do check sheet in Rm 2 for any more details. These have all been discussed and planned for today, students have details in their diaries.

1.) Mathletics activities

2.) Reading pages and tasks

3.) Book Letter from one of the books you've read this term.

4.) Writing portfolio

5.) Eisteddfod poem

6.) Buddy reading/House activity planning (for house leaders)

7.) Matariki reading and activities (will happen in class)

8.) Spelling, vocabulary activity, and Target game

Enjoy the learning!

Ngā mihinui

Mr Yeoman and Mrs Te Huia-Holmes

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Up and coming - Eisteddfod Poetry details

Hi all, with camp coming up next week I thought you'd better know about this term's Eisteddfod nice and early. Below is all the info you'll need.

Room 1 Poetry Eisteddfods will be heard in Week 9 of this term.
You will need to recite the poem in a way to make the poem come alive, as the poet meant it to be when read aloud. We are looking at performing the poem rather than just reading it.

Chosen poems should be of a reasonable length - 16 to 20 lines is a good length.
The performance is scored out of 50:

   10 marks for the introduction - state the title, the poet, some interesting facts about him/her if you have some. Why you chose this poem? The meaning you take from the poem?
   10 marks for the preparation - how well have you learned it? What ideas have you used to perform it? Do you bring any props?
   10 marks for diction - how clear are the words? - can we understand all of them? and can we hear them all?
   10 marks for audience suitability - Room 6 are the first audience, and later the whole school - is this a poem that suits this audience? I know that we all enjoy humorous poems, animals, adventures, narrative poems that tell a story and ones with interesting nonsense words.  Many people also seem to enjoy poems that have a clear rhythm and rhyme.
   10 marks for the overall presentation - this is the pure performance and entertainment factor.

Poetry  Eisteddfod Marking

*  Using poetry, recite/perform a chosen poem, entertaining the audience and making meaning clear by using appropriate speech and delivery.

Name:  __________________                             Title: ___________________

Audience suitability
Marker Comment

Monday, 27 May 2019

Notices, Learning Tasks and Dates - Week Five

Kia ora whānau. As we begin a new week there's plenty of things to look forward to, enjoy, and make the most of. Here's some happenings in the week ahead. Enjoy!

Tues 28th May
-Ukelele with Baz
-Sticks 'n' Stones with Ness

Wed 29th May
-Teacher Strike

Thurs 30th May
-New Zealand Playhouse Theatre performance

Fri 31st May
-Assembly, lead by Room 6. All welcome to join, reminder of the new time, 9am.
-Buddy reading and house games to finish the week.


We begin another two-week round of Must Do learning tasks. Here are your tasks for the next two weeks.

-Mathletics Tasks. Please make sure these are completed. We will have workshops to cover any new learning

-Portfolio writing. Continue to work hard on these. Make sure all work is edited, improved and proofread before submitting to Mrs T.

-Camp mapping task = Please complete what we all began together in class, be ready for marking.

-Camp animal portfolio task =With your partner please complete your research to a high standard, add to the google doc that has been shared with you.

-Personal reading and activities = As usual you are required to be reading every day, please complete your chosen activity each week and be ready to report back to your group.

-Spelling & Word activities = Spelling testing every night plus vocab activities, you also have a crossword to complete this week.

-Camp 'Leave No Trace' activity = We will cover this in class so you will know more about this later in the week or early next week.

-Leaders planning Friday afternoon buddy reading and house activities, please complete the planning form shared with you before lunch time on Friday.

-Catchups! Some of you still have unfinished work from our previous Must Do learning tasks. Please look over the checklist on the wall of Room 1 and ensure you work hard to catchup! Don't get behind!


Mr Yeoman and Mrs T

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Notices and Learning Tasks for this week - Term 2 Week 4

Hi everyone. Below are some important notices for this week.

Tuesday May 21st
-Ukelele with Baz. Please bring along any ukes and tuners you have at home.

Wed May 22nd
-Mass at 9am. All are welcome to join us.
-ODT Extra! Central Otago Spelling Quiz. Meet at the church car park 5.45pm.

Thursday May 23rd
-Rippa Tournament at Molyneux park. Please see earlier blog post for details.
-Camp parent helper meeting at 7:30pm in Room 2, for those who are coming on camp.

Fri May 24th
-Technology at The Terrace

Extra happenings this weekend...
-School family mass 9am on Sunday 26th
-Mountain Bike orienteering event around The Pines, beginning at Industry Lane. See the school newsletter or Mr Yeoman for more details.

These roll over from last week, please see earlier blog post. Students need to be aware that Thurs and Fri many of you won't have school time to work on these tasks so you must be well organised and many of you will need to spare some more homework time to complete these to your best standard and on time. Go for it!

Have a great week

Mr Yeoman and Mrs Te Huia-Holmes

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Central Otago Rippa Rugby Tournament Molyneux Park

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What: Central Otago Schools Rippa Rugby tournament

When: Thursday 23rd May. 9am – Aprox 2:30pm. Postponement Fri 24th.

Where: Molyneux Park

Who: Yr 3-8 students who have chosen to take part. We have two year 3-4 teams entered, 2 x Year 5-6 teams, and 2 x Year 7-8 teams entered.

Bring: PE uniform. School tracksuit. Warm clothes. Lunch and drink. Money if you want to buy food from the canteen.

Registration: All players are required to register with the Rugby union. Please click on the link on your class blog or Seesaw to fill out the registration form.

Parent Helpers: We will need 1-2 parent helpers per team. You don’t need to be a Rippa expert, you just need to help manage reserves & subbing, and help students to be at the right place at the right time. Please contact me asap if you are available to help.


Mr Yeoman

Student Strike for the Climate - meeting this Fri 24th @ Community House

Kia ora everyone. Following on from last week's message regarding the student Climate Strike happening around NZ, and here in Alex, a meeting will be occurring at Community House where students can come together and share ideas, understandings, and make plans for their strike action.

When - Immediately after school this Friday May 24th.

Where - Community House, Centennial Ave opposite the Museum.

Who - Students planning for the School Strike For Climate, as well as any parents and caregivers who want to know more about the strike, or who would like to discuss plans and ideas with students.

A reminder that this is to be a student lead initiative, however conversations within and between whānau are important if students are to feel supported in this initiative.

I hope some of you can make it along!

Mr Yeoman

He waka eke noa
We're all in this canoe together!

Monday, 13 May 2019

Notices and Learning Tasks for Week Three and Four of Term Two

Hi everyone. I hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Here's a few important notices to plan for:

Tues May 14th
-Ukelele with Baz in the morning. If you can please bring along a Ukelele and tuner.
-Sticks 'n' Stones with Vanessa in the afternoon.

Wed May 15th
-Netball tournament in the afternoon. See the previous blog post for details.

Thurs May 16th
-Year 8s HPV immunisations for those who have chosen to do so.
-Girls 'Are We There Yet?' inquiry, exhibition launch morning tea in school foyer.
-Maths Problem Challenge number two

Fri May 17th
-Room 1 leading assembly at the new time of 9am. Please join us!
-Pink Shirt Day, more info to follow


Below is an overview of the current student learning tasks. If you require any more of the details or have questions around what is involved please don't hesitate to make contact with Mr Yeoman or Mrs Te Huia-Holmes.

1.) Mathletics tasks. Students have all been grouped and therefore will have different tasks set depending on their group. Workshops related to these tasks will be given. Remember mathletics has a tutorial you can view alongside each task if you still have questions. If you don't get 100% then seek help from a parent, friend, teacher and take the time to attempt the task again

2.) Reading pages & activity. All students have a book they're reading and set pages they intend to read for the week. Once reading is done every student has a 'Literature Circles' task to complete and bring back to their small group to report on.

3.) Spelling & word activities. Includes testing spelling words each night, completing vocab activities for three chosen words, and working on a 'Boggle' word activity throughout the week.

4.) Writing portfolio. This comes from the tasks that Mrs Te Huia-Holmes handed out to students on Monday. She will speak more to students regarding this.

5.) Writing group tasks. After your workshops Mrs T or Mr Yeoman may set you a short follow-up writing task. Some groups may have longer ongoing writing projects to work on.

6.) Maths worksheets. Some groups will have maths worksheets to work on to follow up a specific learning outcome from their workshop.

As well as these compulsory tasks we will also be working on some Te Reo Maori orally in class, we will be carrying on our Predator Free Inquiry, and we will be preparing for assembly on Friday.

Enjoy! Work Hard. Do your best!

Mr Yeoman and Mrs Te Huia-Holmes