Monday, 18 February 2019

Notices for this week

Hi everyone. Welcome back for another week, and already into the third week of term. Here's some important notices for the week ahead.

Tues 19th Feb
-Swimming. Please bring togs, towel and goggles (if you own some)

Wed 20th Feb
-Leadership speeches for Cultural, Special Character, Enviro, and Student Council president.

Thurs 21st Feb
-Leadership speeches for Kapa Haka leaders (Male and Female) and House Leaders.
-Kapa Haka practice

Fri 22nd Feb
-Room 6 are leading assembly, all welcome to join us!

Students in Rm 1 are aware there first round of Must Do tasks were due today, so many of you have ended up taking tasks home to complete and hand in before school on Tuesday. We will get better at this as our routines become more familiar. A new round of Must Do learning tasks will be set up over the next two days and these will be posted here so everyone is clear on what is expected.

Enjoy your week, work hard, enjoy your learning!

Mr Yeoman

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Swimming - Official notice for all classes. (adding to previous post)

Tuesday 19th Swimming Practice Day

Children in Rooms 3, 4, 6 and 7 are to be dropped at the pool by 8:55am. Please do not go into the pool, wait for your teacher. If you are coming to school by bus and need to be taken to the pool, let your classroom teacher know by Monday, so that transport can be arranged.
  • Rooms 7, 3 & 4 will return to school by bus at 11:10.
  • Room 6 will swim from 9:00 - 9:40 and will walk back school with Mrs Laidlaw and parents. Please let Mrs Laidlaw know if you are able to assist with supervision at the pool an/or can walk back to school with the class.
  • Room 5 will walk to and from the pool. They swim from 9:40 - 10:20.
  • Rooms 1/2 will walk and swim 10:20 - 11am.

As we are lucky enough to have all 6 lanes in the main pool for this 2 hour block, all classes will need extra parents to assist with supervision, so that we can make the best use of this. Rooms 7, 3 and 4 would welcome any parents willing to get into the water  with the children, and to assist with dressing afterwards.

School Swimming Sports

Thank you to the 5 people who have offered help as timekeepers on this day. We are looking for 18, so if you haven’t already made contact we look forward to your help.

Swimming - help needed Tues 19th Feb

Hi everyone. Next Tuesday 19th Feb Room 1 will be swimming from 10:20am-11:00am. We have access to all 6 lanes, therefore all 37 students can swim at the same time. We will need parent supervision to allow this to happen. Please contact Mr Yeoman by email if you are able to help with this.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Week Two - Notices and Homework

Kia ora everyone. Thanks for a good first week back. Here are some important notices and dates for the week ahead.

  • Tech Forms - Please return them to Mr Yeoman before Frriday's first technology session.

  • Health & Contact forms - Please return these either to Mr Yeoman or the the office asap

  • Wanted - Another call out for board games, couches, cushions, bean bags and pot plants! 


Tues 12th Feb
-ICT session with Mrs Flannery
-Meet the Teacher evening. Picnic from 5:30pm, 6pm whole school gathering, 7:15pm Rm 1 and 2 gathering.

Wed 13th Feb
-9am School Mass. All are welcome to join us.
-2pm Public Library visit. Please ensure you have a library card and are ready to issue books. This is a key part of our reading program in Year 7 and 8.

Thurs 14th Feb
-1pm Church Choir. First gathering for those keen people.

Fri 15th Feb
-Technology at the Terrace. Remember closed shoes, hair ties, sunhats and lunch.


1.) Many of you will be preparing speeches for leadership positions. For Special Character, Cultural and Enviro leaders you will be giving speeches next Tuesday 19th Feb. House leaders will give speeches later that week. Completion and practice of these speeches is therefore a major part of this week's homework.

2.) Letter to Mr Yeoman. Year 7s and Year 8s have different letter writing tasks they are required to complete. If you do not get this completed to your best standard in class time then it will become homework.

Let's make it a great week for everyone.

Ngā mihi

Mr Yeoman

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Haere Mai. Welcome Back! Notices for Week One.

Welcome to the new-look Room 1-2       2019

Kia ora everyone and welcome to Room 1-2 for 2019. As with every new year 2019 comes with a huge number of opportunities and challenges, I really look forward to working with you all - learning, playing, singing, laughing, sharing, relaxing, exploring, creating, growing, contributing and working hard! Below are some things coming up and some expectations within Room 6.

Class culture
Together over the first days and weeks of school we’ll be completing some activities and discussions that will help us develop our expectations. Once we have all agreed to these expectations these will be shared with parents.

All classes at St Gerards have a blog that is linked from the school website. This will be routinely updated weekly (usually by Monday afternoon) with homework tasks, notices and upcoming events. There may be other notices placed on the blog during the week also.

Self management and Homework expectation
Now that students are in Year 7-8 we expect them to be becoming increasingly self-motivated, well organized, and disciplined. Room 6 is run using a ‘Must Dos’ and ‘Can Dos’ system, where every two weeks we organize work & learning tasks for the next two week period. Students will then attend small group ‘workshops’ relevant to their learning, and will be expected to complete all their relevant tasks on time. There will be some set homework, as well as ensuring that all ‘Must Dos’ are completed to a high standard. This system might be new to Year 7 students and we will be working hard (particularly throughout Term 1) to ensure students understand the expectation, are developing the necessary personal skills to work in this way, and to ensure that students feel well supported. Students will be given a diary to help with their personal organization and will be expected to use this each week to plan.

Library Cards
We will regularly visit the public library and students will be expected to use this great public resource to extend their reading and to help them in any inquiry work they’re doing. Everyone will need to have their own library card, and I will notify when this needs to be at school. If you don’t have a library card please organize this immediately as we will be visiting the library very soon.

Feel free to contact me. Contact by email is best

Dates coming up:
Technology: Begins at the Terrace next Friday Feb 15th and will be happening every second Friday for Year 7-8s. We will continue to attend tech on the even weeks throughout Term 1 (Week 2, 4, 6, 8, 10). Please bring covered shoes and long hair tied back.

Waitangi Day: Observed on Wednesday Feb 6th. A holiday already! We’ll be spending much of the first two weeks learning more about the treaty.

Meet the teacher evening: Tuesday 12th February. We will be having a picnic dinner at 5:30pm, followed by classroom meetings beginning at 6:15pm.

Wednesday Masses: Please feel welcome to join us every second Wed 9am in the church, beginning Wed 13th Feb.

School family mass & picnic: Is happening on Sunday 24th February.

Public Library Visits: These will happen regularly so please organize a library card immediately if you don’t have one already.

School camp: We have made an alteration to the plan for Year 7-8 camp this year. Instead of a Term 1 camp in Bannockburn, we will be holding a Term 2 camp at Tautuku from 11-14th June. More details will follow closer to this time.

Having moved into the lovely and large double classroom space of Room 1-2 we have a wonderful opportunity to make this an extra special environment to spend our days. If you have any of the following items in good condition that you could part with please make contact:
-       A couch, bean bags, or cushions
-       Chess sets, or other good indoor games and activities
-       Pot plants or shrubs that could survive well indoors
-       Outdoor furniture for our verandah space

Thank you. Have a great week and onward into 2019!

Ngā mihinui!

Mr Yeoman

Monday, 10 December 2018

Notices for the coming week

Tues Dec 11th
-Shared lunch
-Secret Santa ($5 - $10 gift)
-5pm Graduation Mass

Wed Dec 12th
-Mrs Tehuia-Holmes in Rm 6
-Gingerbread house competition. Please come well planned and prepared in your groups, incl ingredients and equipment.

Thurs Dec 13th
-1pm Prizegiving
-5:30pm Year 8 leavers family BBQ and boating at Lake Dunstan

Fri Dec 14th
-Technology, 9:00 - 12:30pm at Terrace. Final session

Have a super week everyone! What a fun time of year!

Mr Yeoman

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Notices for this coming week

Hi everyone. Welcome to Week 8 of the term. Let's make it another great week and enjoy this fun time of year! Below are some notices for the week ahead, plus a reminder of your Must Do Learning tasks.

Tues 4th Dec
-Lookout Reserve volunteering. If possible bring gardening gloves and a paper face mask, don't worry though if you can't!
-Cricket Coaching with Willie Miller, 2:15pm, wear PE gear

Wed 5th Dec
-9am-11am Technology at Terrace
-1pm Alex Primary Production

Thurs 6th Dec
-9am Cricket Coaching with Willie Miller
-9:45am Reconciliation with Father Vaughan
-1:30pm Eco Nursery writing session

Fri 7th Dec
-Assembly lead by Rm 5 2:10pm

Must Do Learning Tasks
-Letter to Mr Yeoman due by Friday morning before school. Edited, proofread, up to published standard please. Remember I am expecting no less than half a page of reflection on 2018, plus half a page of anticipation of 2019. Our brainstorm of ideas in on the board in Rm 6.

-Maths measurement activities. Marked daily following your group session, these become homework if not completed in class.

-At least 20mins reading of your own book each night.

Thanks team! Have a great week!

Mr Yeoman